Let an Experienced Editor Save You Time and Help Produce Your Best Work

In this do-it-yourself world, does it make sense to be your own editor? That depends.

Do you have 20 years of experience as an editor in the health sciences? Have you edited numerous journal articles, supplements, and complete books? If so, then maybe you should take time away from your research, your students, or your other commitments to do your own editing.

Do-it-yourself only makes sense, though, if you have the time and the skills needed. If not, you’ll pay too much trying to be your own editor, in terms of time and aggravation. Let me take the weight off your shoulders, and show you how pleasant life can be when you include a professional editor on your project team.

In the long run, you’ll not only save time and end up with a better manuscript, but you’ll probably save money (and hair) too.
Let's Talk.
Maybe you're not sure your project needs an editor. Perhaps your budget is tight or your project seems too small. A little conversation will go a long way toward determining the right approach for you. Call 678-691-4843 or click here to contact Kate W. Harris and KWH Editorial Services.